The brand meaning

ceraphic handmade ceramic art studio
CERAPHIC is a compound word:
Ceramic + Seraphic
It means, our ceramic studio products are angelic and precious.

The story

Skylar, the owner of Ceraphic studio, loves to create and draw beautiful, feminine, and creative art. Her goal is to bring her artwork to the real life. However, most people do not spend money on artwork to just watch or decorate their homes. She wanted more practical way for people to enjoy art. Thus, she finally decided that the most approachable way is through tableware that are in our everyday lives.  She decided to make artistic ceramic. She sculpted and painted her own illustrations on the tableware. And they could be used not only for their original, practical purpose, but also as artworks to decorate people's homes.


    Mission and Inspiration 

"A small artwork on my own table", is Skylar's mission. she wants to make each piece look like an artwork. She loves flowers, elegant Greek statues, cherubs from the masterpieces, French Baroque & Rococo art movements and other beautiful things serve as her sources of inspiration. 



Ceraphic studio is located in New Jersey, USA. Ceraphic's ceramics are 100% handmade and hand-painted works. Each ceramic is made from lead-free paint and glazes. Below delineates the working process.
  • Designing
  • Hand-building with clay
  • Drying
  • 1st firing in kiln (bisque firing)
  • Painting
  • Glazing
  • 2nd firing in kiln (glaze firing)
  • Painting with 23.5k gold
  • 3rd firing in kiln (gold firing) 
 Each pieces are made with time and love. Start decorating your table and kitchen with Ceraphic's beautiful, elaborate collection!